DJ Galactic

DJ Galactic is a Beatmaker / Producer of Electronic Music : House Music, Drum and bass / jungle, Hip Hop / Rap… Over a decade of Electronic Music with the only interest of sharing original music !

DJ Galactic’s Electronic Music channel: live music experimentation, and new music tracks (Electro House, DnB, EDM) by Electronic Music Producer DJ Galactic. We are covering mostly EDM Music, House Music (French House, Detroit House), Drum and Bass, Acid House and Techno. DJ Galactic has been involved in the past 10 years in the indie scene by starting to produce Electronic Jazz, Experimental music (down tempo / Drum and Bass) , and then switched later on Traditional House Music /French House and Drum and Bass mainly. He has also been involved in Rap music, by producing french and US mix tapes. For music Project inquiries and collaboration send me a private message He has developed several sound sets with Roland, Korg, Akai hardware gears and music Application ; he used especially, Roland 909, Korg EMX-1, Roland MC-808, Korg Radias, MV-8800, TR-909, TR-08 and Apple iPad with DM1 The Drum Machine, Korg iElectribe, Korg iMS20, iPolysix… #housemusic #producer #music #djgalactic You can contact me directly here djgalactic@mail.com

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